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  • Susan Fortin, Director

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  • Heather Muir, Administrative Assistant

  • James Layman

    • Program Specialist

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  • Melissa Rossell, Administrative Assistant

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  • What do AWSL facilitators do?

  • How to become an AWSL program facilitator / camp staff

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    • MLR

    • ¡La Chispa!

    • Elementary outreach

  • Leadership Camp Staff

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    • Mt. Triumph

    • Columbia

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Cispus & Chewelah Peak
Principals' Association (AWSP)
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  • Inspiring Students to Lead - a Guide for Elementary Schools

  • Starting in the Middle - Leadership Designs for Middle Level Students

  • Building Leaders for Life - A High School Leadership Class Curriculum - second edition

  • More than Pom Pons and Pyramids - A Coach's Guide to a Quality CheerLeadership Program

  • The Assembly Guide Book

  • Fundraising: Not Just a Cakewalk Anymore

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Leadership Framework

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  • Special Olympics' Project Unify

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