Fall Middle Level Team Retreat

Energizing and equipping students and advisers for a successful school year

Every fall, the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL) welcomes student leaders and their advisers to the Middle Level Team Retreat, a three day conference held in late October, with separate sessions at the Cispus and Chewelah Peak Learning Centers. Students at the retreat learn a variety of leadership skills:

  • Effective meetings
  • Leadership styles
  • Assembly techniques
  • Sensitivity to others
  • Teamwork

The Fall Middle Level Team Retreat is unique in its opportunities for active participation for advisers. This aspect allows students to build positive, working relationships with their advisers through various tasks, presentations, and activities.

Large group instruction at the retreat is lead by AWSL leadership camp staff. Advisers lead small group activities with their schools. This variety in instruction keeps students engaged and excited throughout the retreat. Additionally, high school students volunteer as Residential Counselors (RCs) to assist staff and advisers throughout the three day conference. The RCs act as positive role models for middle level students and bring an amazing amount of energy to the retreat.


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