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A Bit About Us

The Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) sponsored its first student leadership program in 1956. Since then, AWSP has continued to grow and adapt its student leadership programs to meet the changing needs of students and schools.

Today, AWSP's student leadership office, the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL), serves more than 12,000 Washington students and advisers annually through a variety of programs. More than 500 volunteers help us facilitate programs each year.

Our Mission

AWSP will provide student leadership programs that support and increase the academic and social success of all students.

Service to Schools

To fulfill our mission, the Association of Washington Student Leaders offers a variety of training opportunities: camps, retreats, conferences, publications and workshops. Guided by rigorous goals and objectives, AWSL is recognized as a national model of excellence. Learn more about our programs and our rich, 60 year history of service to schools.

Upcoming Events

Ongoing Events

  • Once again, registrations for AWSL's array of summer leadership camps are open! See our registrations & applications page for registration packets for High School Leadership Camp, Middle Level Leadership Camp, CheerLeadership Camp, and all of our specialty camps including the credit-bearing Outdoor Recreation Health & Fitness, La Cima Bilingual/Bicultural Leadership, Deaf Teen Leadership and Western Leaders Summit.
  • The new and seriously bulked up edition of AWSL's elementary leadership curriculum, Inspiring Students to Lead, is currently available. The 161 page curriculum now includes model lesson plans on critical leadership concepts, with 15 student handouts in both English and Spanish, three leadership workshop plans with facilitator script, and a manual on inclusive recess and table games. This curriculum is great for any elementary school wishing to build their culture and climate, or for high school leadership programs looking to reach out to the elementary level as an advanced leadership opportunity.
  • The second edition of AWSL's groundbreaking high school leadership curriculum, Building Leaders for Life, is available today. This 400+ page curriculum guide contains a comprehensive Getting Started section, almost 94 lessons and activities in 5 content areas, and a collection of organizational tools and assessments. Included is a PDF of all 137 lesson handouts. This update of the 1992 classic will be an invaluable addition to any leadership program's library.

To see what else we have going on and what we've been up to, check out the archives of our In The Loop newsletter.

What's been happening at AWSL, Cispus, and Chewelah Peak?

Trained school mascots can be a dynamic part of a school's leadership program. This is a reminder that it’s not too late to sign up for AWSL and NCA’s mascot training at CheerLeadership Camp session 1, July 16-20 at CWU. Mascots are welcome from any school, whether your school's cheerleaders are attending camp or not – we even had a mascot come all the way from Japan last year! See our Registration Forms to sign up your mascot for this unique opportunity to gain the skills to become more than just a person in a costume at CheerLeadership Camp session 1.

Coming to Chewelah Peak?

Visit the Chewelah Peak website for a packing list, directions, and weather information.

Coming to Cispus?

Visit the Cispus website for a packing list, directions, and weather information.