LC Thrives 8th Grade Skills Retreat

January 20-22, 2016 at Cispus Learning Center


Lewis County Thrives, the Timberland Regional Library and the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL) will sponsor and implement a 3-day retreat at Cispus Learning Center for 8th grade students in rural Lewis County. The focus for the retreat will be on the transition into high school, life and career skills and creating connections across our county. Staff will be recruited from our local schools and libraries. We intentionally planned a date prior to second semester to develop follow up activities in our schools and libraries before students move on to high school.


During phase 5 of the Lewis County Community Health Improvement Plan or CHIP process, the idea to hold a retreat for all 8th grade students emerged to support Health Priority I (see below). LC Thrives is taking the lead to move the CHIP process forward through continued collaborations and collective impact efforts. LC Thrives is seeking financial support for the 8th grade skills retreat from our local businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. 

Lewis County Health Priority I: Improve economic and educational opportunities. 

  • Associated Goal 1: Improve educational and skill training opportunities. 
  • Associated Goal 2: Improve knowledge of employment and/or skill training opportunities within the public, commercial and educational sectors. 

Lewis County Health Priority II:  Improve access to and awareness of available health and social services.

  • Associated Goal: Improve health and social service provider knowledge of opportunities and gaps in service.

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APRIL-JUNE: LC Thrives & AWSL communicate the vision at parent information outlets and school staff meetings. Establish leadership team for the 8th grade skills retreat.

*LC Thrives will meet at the Lewis County United Way on Monday, April 18 and May 16, 2016 for further planning. Please join us!

MAY-SEPTEMBER: Staff Recruitment & Planning.

AUGUST: Open registration to all 8th grade cohorts in Lewis County rural schools.

DECEMBER: 1st Annual 8th Grade Skills Retreat!





Please contact Vincent Perez at 360.742.8982 or


Become a sponsoring organization! Contact Vincent Perez at 360.742.8982