Mission Peak Leadership Camp

This camp just rips you open so you can be comfortable with who you are.
— Emily Harrison, 2017 delegate

Mission Peak fosters relationships that empower transformative growth.

Kids these days…

In an ever-changing school system where the focus of our schools has shifted dramatically to culture and climate, kids these days are at the center of transforming their schools.

Established in 2017, Mission Peak Leadership Camp focuses on empowering “kids these days” to lead their schools regardless of their experience level or grade level. Students will spend time with their school groups and focus groups to build connections while analyzing, reflecting and learning about the needs of their schools, peers and stakeholders.

Mission Peak is for students who have demonstrated or have been identified as emerging, or established leaders in Athletics, Performing/Visual Arts, ASB/Leadership, Clubs/Activities and/or from their school at large.

Schools are encouraged to send a delegation (up to 16 students) that represent and are reflective of the entire school’s student body.

Mission Peak believes in thinking outside the box, and in looking beyond the realm of “traditional” leadership, as we seek to identify leaders in unexpected places.

Kids these days are capable of greatness, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with your students.


James Layman, Director


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