La Cima (The Summit) Bilingual Leadership Camp

La Cima energized our school. Our Latino students are now becoming involved at greater levels in school clubs, ASB and in extra-curricular activities. This year a couple of Latino students who have never sought ASB or leadership positions took on the risk of running and being elected.
— Jennifer Shaw, Franklin Pierce HS Principal

Empowering Latino students to lead their schools and communities

La Cima is a week-long high school summer camp designed to impart leadership and life skills to Latino youth in Washington State. Latino student leaders find their voice at La Cima and return home equipped with the skills to create positive changes in their schools and communities.

Students attending La Cima can be elected, appointed or recruited based on their leadership potential. The curriculum covers identity development, communication, group process, managerial skills, self-awareness and human relations. Principal evaluation criteria linked to the La Cima leadership curriculum include: Closing the Gap, Creating a Culture, Ensuring School Safety and Engaging the Community.

La Cima practices a dual language content delivery model in both English and Spanish. We call it Bilingual Leadership. By delivering content in English and Spanish students experience a school function that actively practices the values of biculturalism (i.e., the ability to integrate attributes of two cultures and competently navigate between cultural systems). As a result, students affirm their self-worth and their bilingual assets and are encouraged to develop their speaking, reading and writing skills in both languages.

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Vincent Perez, Co-Director
Erika Ambrocio-Vasquez, Co-Director
Travis Ruhter, Co-Diretor


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