Mt. Triumph Leadership Camp

From a student I saw that had been at camp several years prior: “Mt. Triumph changed my life”... I wanted my officers to attend camp to build skills and be prepared to serve as leaders their senior year. I think the “life changing” thing is more important now.
— Sue Metzler, Senior Class Adviser Mariner HS

Moving from belonging to peak experiences

Mt. Triumph Leadership Camp focuses on team leadership, spending time in school groups to create a team, develop goals/standards and create programs to meet the needs of your school. In this intensive program, students will be expected to participate, practice, and apply their new skills during structured, hands-on, experiential camp activities. To best utilize our camp’s organization and program of study, a school should send a team of no fewer than 4 members and no more than 16, who will be working together during the school year. In the end, students will have experienced real leadership developed from our student-based team leadership curriculum. Teams leave with excitement, enthusiasm and skills for the upcoming year.


Leane Donley, Director
Travis Ruhter, Assistant Director


Cispus Learning Center (website)


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