Mt. Adams Leadership Camp

The year we began requiring that all class and ASB Officers attend Leadership Camp is the year the culture shifted at Kamiak High School. My student leaders come back from leadership camp every year lit up by their desire to put others’ needs before their own, and with the tools and support to carry out that desire to serve... The fire that our Leadership Camps provide keeps my students lit all year long.
— Megan Adams, Kamiak High School ASB Adviser
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Anyone can be great because anyone can serve

The Mt. Adams Leadership Camp is a driving force behind teaching servant-leadership to students in Washington State. This model of leadership has a strong emphasis on teaching character development, relationship building, and team formation through experiential learning. We believe people don't follow what you do, but why you do it. Mt. Adams teaches the "why" behind the projects that students do each year. There is an emphasis on networking with mixed councils of delegates from other schools as well as daily time in school groups to plan for the upcoming year. A significant amount of time is spent on the challenge course during the week to put students in experiential learning scenarios. Experiential learning with an overall philosophy centered on leadership, and a connection of the head and heart sums up the Mt. Adams experience.


John Norlin, Director
Megan Burch, Assistant Director


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