AWSL Program Staff

Please follow the instructions at EVERY header below that applies to the staff position you will be filling. Do not skip over any sections, as prior sections may contain definitions or determinations needed to follow later instructions.

Junior Counselors and Resident Counselors

Junior Counselors (college aged students at high school summer camps) and Resident Counselors (high school or college students at middle level summer camps) should fill out a paper JC/RC Agreement (at right) and return it to your camp director the first time you meet as a staff. JCs and RCs who will be over the age of 18 at the start of their camp can alternately sign up with the online JC/RC Medical and Service Agreement Form, also at right. JCs at CheerLeadership Camp must also fill out an employment packet, below.

Interns and Program Volunteers

Before your first program of each calendar year, all AWSL program staff, paid or not, must fill out their Professional Services Information (PSI form) towards the bottom of this page. Interns and volunteers do NOT need to fill out an employment packet. See All Camp and Program Staff below for additional information.

Program Facilitators, Camp Staff, CheerLeadership JCs

Please note the following terms when reading below:

  • Camp or Program Stipend - this is pay from AWSL for working a camp or an outreach program. Except in very rare circumstances, a stipend is deposited directly into your bank account from AWSL. If you receive a check in the mail, it almost certainly is a reimbursement, not a stipend. Whether you receive a stipend or not is the sole determination of whether you are a paid or unpaid staff member.
  • Reimbursement - this is money allotted to pay expenses that you incur from working one of our programs. Common reimbursements are: mileage for you to travel to the program site, the cost of a hotel for you to stay the night before an outreach program, snacks and supplies you brought to a camp or program, the cost of a meal you picked up on your way to the program. Reimbursements are almost always mailed as checks. All program staff, paid or unpaid, including JC/RCs, interns and volunteers receive reimbursements. You will need to get a "pinkie" from your program director or the AWSL office in order to claim reimbursements.

AWSL staff who are eligible to receive a camp or program stipend include:

  1. Senior/Team Counselors, Camp Secretaries, Camp Nurses/Medics, JC Coordinators, and Camp Directors/Assistant Directors at all summer leadership camps, including all specialty camps, CheerLeadership, high school and middle level, except those hired as an unpaid intern or volunteer.
  2. JCs at CheerLeadership Camp ONLY.
  3. Facilitators at outreach and retreat programs held at one of the AWSP Learning Centers or at schools around the state. This does not include Mentors, RCs or other neer-peer role model positions at these programs. Such programs include Team Retreats at Cispus or Chewelah Peak, ¡La Chispa!, Middle Level Regionals, All Play, Walk Talk & Rock, and other outreach programs.

New Paid Employees

You are considered a new paid employee and must fill out an employment packet (at right) if you are to receive a stipend (see above) and meet ANY of the below criteria:

  1. You have not been paid a camp or program stipend by AWSL since 2015. If you have only been a JC or RC before, this is you, except for CheerLeadership JCs.
  2. You have changed your legal name since the last time you were paid a camp or program stipend.
  3. Your social security number or immigration paperwork has changed since the last time you were paid a camp or program stipend.

If you have any questions about whether you qualify as an existing or a new employee, please email

You must complete an employment packet by your first camp or program session, usually a planning session, in order to get paid on time. Completing your employment packet should include the following steps:

  • Completely fill out the W-4 form and Direct Deposit Authorization. Make sure to sign your W-4, and include your marital/filing status and number of exemptions (box 5). Your Direct Deposit form should have NO blank lines.
  • Bring an item from List A or one item from each of List B and List C of the I-9 documents to the FIRST camp or program event you attend, usually a planning session.
  • At that camp or program event, fill out the I-9 form with your program director, making sure they can personally examine your I-9 document(s).
  • Mail or have your director deliver your completed W-4, Direct Deposit Authorization and I-9 forms to Van Anderson • AWSL • 2142 Cispus Rd • Randle, WA 98377 or fax 360.497.5324

Staff with Incomplete or Missing Documentation

If you are unable or unwilling to provide the documentation needed to complete all new employee paperwork, please contact your program director to arrange a way for you to serve the program as a volunteer or intern.

If you are currently unable to complete your paperwork with all necessary documentation, but will be able to at a later time, please have your director contact the AWSL office.

All Camp and Program Staff

Except for JCs and RCs, who fill out the JC/RC agreement above, all camp and program staff must complete their Professional Services Information (PSI Form), at right, in the following circumstances:

  1. Before the start of your first program of the calendar year, including any planning meetings you attend.
  2. To sign up to be on a summer camp staff, including CheerLeadership, Middle Level and High School Leadership Camps. You may sign up for multiple camps at the same time.
  3. To update your personal information due to a change in address, employer, contact info, legal name, etc.

Please note that will need to sign up for camp each year, and must update your information for each calendar year before you work any programs.

Additional Information for Paid Staff

Paid staff who wish to update or check their tax and payroll information should use the link to Greenshades below. The Greenshades online portal can be used to:

  • Login and confirm your email and address in order to get your W-2 form next year for your taxes. Successfully logging in to Greenshades confirms that AWSP has all paperwork needed to pay your camp/program stipend. If you are unable to successfully log in to Greenshades, please contact
  • Update your W-4, e.g. change your deductions or if your marital status changes.
  • Update your direct deposit to a new bank or new account number.
    • You can also download a direct deposit form here.
  • Update your address where tax forms can be sent or the email address where you get notifications.

If your name or social security number changes, please contact AWSL, as this cannot be updated in Greenshades. Greenshades and the PSI form are both hosted outside of the domain.