AWSL Program Staff

As we enter the 2019 year, we know that our camp staffs are eager to start getting things ready to go. AWSL’s incoming director, Greg Barker, is currently doing research on employment and taxes to see what we will need for the coming years from our camp staffs. So as of this time, we are asking that new and returning senior camp staff sign up for their professional services online. We will contact new camp staff members at a later time with information on what additional paperwork we may need in order to be able to pay you a camp stipend.

All Camp and Program Staff

Except for JCs and RCs, who fill out the JC/RC agreement above, all camp and program staff must complete their Professional Services Information (PSI Form), at right, in the following circumstances:

  1. Before the start of your first program of the calendar year, including any planning meetings you attend.

  2. To sign up to be on a summer camp staff, including CheerLeadership, Middle Level and High School Leadership Camps. You may sign up for multiple camps at the same time.

  3. To update your personal information due to a change in address, employer, contact info, legal name, etc.

Please note that will need to sign up for camp each year, and must update your information for each calendar year before you work any programs.