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A Bit About Us

The Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) sponsored its first student leadership program in 1956. Since then, AWSP has continued to grow and adapt its student leadership programs to meet the changing needs of students and schools.

Today, AWSP's student leadership office, the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL), serves more than 12,000 Washington students and advisers annually through a variety of programs. More than 500 volunteers help us facilitate programs each year.

Our Mission

AWSP will provide student leadership programs that support and increase the academic and social success of all students.

Service to Schools

To fulfill our mission, the Association of Washington Student Leaders offers a variety of training opportunities: camps, retreats, conferences, publications and workshops. Guided by rigorous goals and objectives, AWSL is recognized as a national model of excellence. Learn more about our programs and our rich, 60 year history of service to schools.

Upcoming Events

Ongoing Events

  • AWSL is seeking to fill two regional positions on the AWSL Executive Committee. Members participate in meetings and conferences, gathering student input on issues affecting today's schools. Students selected will serve a one-year term, but are eligible to reapply through their senior year. Applications due November 1, 2016.
  • The second edition of AWSL's groundbreaking high school leadership curriculum, Building Leaders for Life, is available right today. This 400+ page curriculum guide contains a comprehensive Getting Started section, almost 94 lessons and activities in 5 content areas, and a collection of organizational tools and assessments. Included is a PDF of all 137 lesson handouts. This update of the 1992 classic will be an invaluable addition to any leadership program's library.
  • This fall, AWSL will be hosting ¡La Chispa! bilingual, bicultural, middle-level retreats across the state. As one of the demographic groups in the state with the highest dropout rates, ¡La Chipsa! uses near-peer role models to help show them that success in school is possible, and a curriculum that values the entirety of their cultural and linguistic assets.
  • Traditional middle-level leadership opportunities this fall include AWSL's Middle Level Team Retreat and Fall Leadership Days. Team Retreats will be held over a long weekend at both Cispus and Chewelah Peak learning centers, while Fall Leadership Days are day-long regional events taking place at schools and community buildings across the state.

To see what else we have going on and what we've been up to, check out the archives of our In The Loop newsletter.

What's been happening at AWSL, Cispus, and Chewelah Peak?

The Association of Washington Student Leaders not only trains the leaders of tomorrow, we use those leaders today. As part of our governing structure, AWSL is guided in its mission by an Executive Committee of 12 high school juniors and seniors from across the state. These incredible student leaders help us build our programs, and set the course for leadership education across the state. In that capacity, they delivered an inspirational message at the 2015 AWSL Fall Conference, that they'd like to share with everyone. Play the video at right to find out why, for student leaders, it's not what you do, it's why you do it.

Coming to Chewelah Peak?

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Coming to Cispus?

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