AWSL Program Staff signup

Junior Counselors and Resident Counselors

Junior Counselors (college aged students at high school summer camps) and Resident Counselors (high school or college students at middle level summer camps) should fill out a JC/RC Agreement (at right) and return it to your camp director.

Program Facilitators, Camp Staff and Interns/Volunteers

The Professional Service Information (PSI) form linked below can be used for one of three purposes:

  • Update your personal information any time you have a change to your address, employer, contact info, legal name, etc.
  • Document your information before the start of your first program of the calendar year.
  • Sign up to be on a summer camp staff, including CheerLeadership, Middle Level and High School Leadership Camps.

Please note that you need to fill out a separate PSI survey to join each camp staff, but otherwise your info is valid through the end of the calendar year (December 31).

Paid staff who wish to update or check their tax and payroll information should use the link to Greenshades on the right. The Greenshades online portal can be used to:

  • Login and confirm your email and address in order to get your W-2 form next year for your taxes. Successfully logging in to Greenshades confirms that AWSP has all paperwork needed to pay your camp/program stipend. If you are unable to successfully log in to Greenshades, please contact
  • Update your W-4, e.g. change your deductions or if your marital status changes.
  • Update your direct deposit to a new bank or new account number.
  • Update your address where tax forms can be sent or the email address where you get notifications.

If your name or social security number changes, please contact AWSL, as this cannot be updated in Greenshades. Greenshades and the PSI form are both hosted outside of the domain.