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Central Valley HS (Spokane): The Stinky Sneaker

The Stinky Sneaker is a rivalry basketball game between Central Valley High School and University High School. The school that wins the "shoe" is the school that, according to a board of judges, is the most spirited, has the best sportsmanship, is the most unified and wins the basketball games.

It graduated from alternating high school gyms a few years ago to The Spokane Arena because there are just so many participants. This year, Central Valley had over 1,400 students (2/3 of our school population) attend the event. Our leadership classes have been working non-stop for the past three months preparing for the Stinky Sneaker as has University's ASB. It is a very important event for Central Valley High School that we use to unify our student body. We were able to create over 1,200 replicas of four different props made by hand that our student body used while being judged in the spirit competition.

In-between the girls and boys basketball game, each school gets as many students and teachers as it can to participate in a half time dance. The dance is an opportunity to unify our students with special needs with the remainder of our student body and it allows people who normally would not mingle to get together in a creative atmosphere and come together to reach for a common goal.

The 2016 stinky sneaker was won by University high school due to their hard work and determination. Although Central Valley may have lost the shoe this year, we still went above and beyond the goals we created for ourselves as a leadership class. We unified our school, supported both of our basketball teams, and overflowed with pride for our wonderful school.

I have never been more proud to be a CV Bear.

This program applies to criteria 1, 7 & 8 of the Leadership Framework: Creating a Culture, Engaging Communities, Closing the Gap

Mariner High School: Culture Week & MLK assembly

This event provides a platform for students to showcase their cultural pride through representing and displaying who they are. The celebration and sharing of culture brings our school closer together as a community, by celebrating the diversity of our community. This week culminates on our Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly, where we represent the epitome of MLK's Dream of a culturally unified and supportive society. It is truly inspiring and amazing with so much diversity at our school what a strong, loving and unified community we have.

This program applies to criteria 1 and 7 of the leadership framework: Creating a Culture and Engaging Communities

Nominations Now Open

Nominations Now Open

Do you know a school or district that has put together something amazing? Maybe an inclusive event that helped to create culture, a program that addressed the achievement gap, or an activity that ensured social safety? AWSL wants to recognize these schools and share their ideas so that others can share in their success.

Successful nominations can address a wide variety of topics, audiences, and causes that contribute in some way to one or multiple criteria of the Leadership Framework. You can learn more about here.

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