Henry Foss HS (Tacoma): Leadership Lock-In

Leadership Lock-in is a night at Foss where students, nominated by teachers, stay the night on campus and participate in leadership activities. These students don't have to be current leaders; students who have untapped leadership potential are most encouraged to participate. We have 3 workshops, designed and run by members of ASB that correlate both with the theme of Lock-In (this year was Wreck-It Ralph) and leadership skills. Between workshops, team building games are played, also run by ASB. At the end of the night, we do an exercise called Walk The Line, which can get very emotional and really brings are student body together. In the aftermath, Lock-In has made a huge difference in the culture of Foss and how students treat one another.

This program meet Criteria 1 and 8 of the Leadership Framework: Creating a Culture and Closing the Gaps.

For further information on this program, contact Carlena Stroud, ASB Adviser, Foss HS.