Sumner High School: Marking - a New Way to Show You Care

Marking is a way to recognize students and staff within the school by doing something for them to know that they matter. There are three main types of Marking: Targeted, Mass, and Participatory. Each type of marking shows individuals that the school and students care in a different way. Something to be aware of when planning the marking projects is how much or little you are asking of the students or staff in order to participate in that marking project. Marking is a way for students to reach out to other students. For example, writing each student’s name on a Spartan head before the first day of school and hanging it on the wall. This project shows the low risk involvement of having to pick their name off the wall. It also fulfills the need of students to be recognized in one simple way.

For further information, please contact Brandon Wentzel, Caleb Knox, or Jeff Baines

This program applies to criteria 1 and 8 of the Leadership Framework: Creating a Culture and Closing the Gap.