Elementary Programs

Inspiring Students to Lead

The academic success of our graduating seniors can, in part, be attributed to the educational foundation established in elementary school. The Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL) believes that elementary school can also be the foundation for successful student leaders. Elementary programs are designed to create this foundation for students in kindergarten through 6th grade.

Each elementary program is designed around specific goals and objectives in five primary areas:

  • communication skills

  • group process

  • managerial skills

  • self-awareness

  • human relations skills

The Washington State Legislature set eight evaluation criteria for school principals. Of these eight criteria, elementary student leaders can have a direct and powerful influence on four: creating a culture, ensuring school safety, engaging communities and closing the gap. By providing students the tools and skills to address these areas, AWSL promotes building positive, working relationships between student leaders and school administrators.

Student Workshops   

We can come to you. Each elementary workshop and training is customized for your unique goals and school configuration. All of our programs start with a conversation with you. Together, we match our program offerings with what you hope to accomplish. The following workshops can be delivered on your school doorstep or incorporated into a retreat at the Cispus or Chewelah Peak Learning Centers.

  • School Climate: Creating a bully-free school where everyone belongs

  • All Play – Inclusive Recess Games: Play fair, play fun, everybody plays with everyone

  • Walk, Talk and Rock – Leadership workshop for elementary students: Learn to walk like a leader, talk like a leader, and rock! like a leader.

  • Leadership & Meeting Skills: Energize your student leaders for action!

Staff Training

Develop a cadre of leadership coaches and advisers. Learn how to effectively teach from the AWSL publication "Inspiring Student Leadership: A Guide for Elementary Schools." It is a proactive way to jump-start an elementary student leadership program.

Publication: Inspiring Student Leadership: A Guide for Elementary Schools

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