Delegate Registration for Summer Leadership Camp

Below is a web form you can use to fill out your summer leadership camp delegate registration. It is a bit more thorough in explaining what all of the fields mean, and it will not allow you to leave critical information off of your camp form. Please use this utility only if you were directed to by your adviser, since we are only testing this online system this year.

What you will need

To fill out this form, you will need to have both the delegate and a parent or guardian present. It will take approximately 10 minutes to fill out. You will also need some means of printing out the final filled form. That form will be downloadable, so you can email it to someone who can print it for you, or you can save it until you are able to connect to a printer at a later time.

Please note that submitting this form does not complete your registration. You must print the download at the end, get all signatures, and return that document to your adviser so the adviser can mail in registration forms for your school's entire delegation.