Summer Leadership Camp Availability

The following are an approximation of how many spots are available at each camp. Please note that these are subject to change at any time. Schools who try to register for a camp that is full will be contacted by AWSL staff in order to arrange for alternate camps and/or to be placed on a wait list. Please note that wait-listed schools may be allocated cancelled camp spaces in any order AWSL staff deem appropriate for the circumstance.

Please note that some camps have a staff consisting of many advisers, who bring a full compliment of students to their camps with them, and often sign up first thing in February to ensure their school attends the camp their adviser works, while others cater to schools less connected with AWSL programs. As such, the overall demand for individual camps often bears little relation to how quickly that camp fills up each spring.

Also, Mission Peak, Western Leaders, and the two Chewelah Peak camps are held at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center north of Spokane, which makes them less visible to our largest population centers in the Puget Sound area. AWSL does provide charter bus service from Western Washington to High School camps at Chewelah Peak. As such, the fact that Chewelah camps are slower to fill offers an incredible opportunity for schools from all over the state to take advantage of the programs being offered there, including our two most unique leadership camp experiences, Western Leaders and Mission Peak.

OPEN High School Programs

Summer Leadership Camps

  • Mission Peak
  • Western Leaders
  • Chewelah Peak HS

Specialty Leadership Camps

  • La Cima bilingual
  • Deaf Teen Leadership
  • CheerLeadership Session I

Limited space at the following camps. Please call 360-497-5323 for availability

  • Mt Adams (full as of 2/15)
  • Mt Baker (full as of 3/2)
  • Mt Triumph (full as of 4/3)
  • Mt Olympus (full as of 4/12)
  • Mt Rainier (full as of 5/15)
  • CheerLeadership Session II (full as of 5/4)

OPEN Middle Level Programs

Summer Leadership Camps

  • Chinook
  • Cascade
  • Chewelah Peak ML

LAST Updated: Thursday, May 18th, 2017

CLOSED Middle Level programs

  • Columbia (full as of 4/3)

CLOSED High School programs