Registration and Application Forms

You can find registration and medical forms to all AWSL programs below, along with applications for AWSL scholarships, leadership positions and honoraria. To learn more about each program, explore our site using the navigation bar above.

registrations Currently Accepted

OPEN Latino Programs

La Cima Bilingual Leadership Camp
2017 Registration Packet (PDF)

OPEN Deaf Teen Programs

Deaf Teen Leadership Camp
2017 Registration Packet (PDF)

ALL YEAR Custom Workshops & Trainings

Program Inquiry Form (Web)

ALL YEAR Elementary Programs

"All Play" and "Walk, Talk & Rock Like a Leader"
Workshop Information Form (PDF)

AWSL Membership

2016-17 Membership Form (PDF)

OPEN Adviser Programs

Teaching Leadership in High Schools Workshop
2017 Registration Packet

Summer Leadership Camp staff application (PDF)

OPEN High School Programs

2017 AWSL Conference Oct 13-15, Yakima

High School Summer Leadership Camps
2017 Registration Packet (PDF)

Western Leaders Summit
2017 Information & Registration Packet (PDF)

CheerLeadership Camps
2017 Registration Packet (PDF)

Middle Level Camp
Resident Counselor Application (PDF)

OPEN Middle Level Programs

Middle Level Regionals (Feb/Mar 2017)
School Registration and Information (PDF)

Middle Level Summer Leadership Camps
2017 Registration Packet (PDF)


Programs not currently accepting Registrations

CLOSED High School Programs

2017 Pemco Scholarship Application (PDF)

Outdoor Recreation, Health & Fitness
Summer 2017 program registration (PDF)

High School Summer Leadership Camps
2016 Registration Packet (PDF)

Summer Outdoor Recreation Health & Fitness Camp

2016 Registration Packet (PDF)

Resident Counselors at Middle Level camp
Application packet (Word document)

Winter Outdoor Recreation Health & Fitness Camp

State Board of Education
Representative application (PDF)


AWSL Executive Committee Application
2015 Application Packet

NASC Conference, Hillsboro, OR
Information and AWSL Delegation Registration (PDF)

AWSL Executive Committee Application
Fall 2016 Application Packet (PDF)

CLOSED Deaf Teen Programs

Taste of Deaf Teen Leadership (February 25, 2016)
School Registration (PDF)

CLOSED Middle Level Programs

Blue Mountains Jr/Sr High Fall Leadership Day Registration (PDF)

Fall Leadership Days

Fall Team Retreat (Cispus & Chewelah Peak)
2016 Registration Packet (PDF)

CLOSED Latino Programs

¡La Chispa! Fall 2016 Regional Workshops (PDF)

CLOSED Adviser Programs

2016 Adviser of the Year (PDF)

Retreat at the Peak
2015 Registration Packet

Retreat at the Peak Cancelled
2016 Registration Packet